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Packing and Packing Materials


northAmerican® can meet your unique needs, from the first box packed to the last one off the truck.

Services that Fit

Every move is unique and demands a unique combination of services. That’s why northAmerican® offers the widest range of moving services in the industry. Your Personal Relocation Consultant will work with you to determine exactly what services you need, and ensure you have a successful move.


You can pack yourself, opt for a professional packer to do
the work, or a little of both. It’s your choice.

  • Full Service Packing. Our trained professionals pack
    it al. From shoes to the antique armoire, we do it al.
  • Fragile-only Packing. We pack al the breakable items
    china, dishes, mirrors – and you take care of the rest.
  • Standard Self-Pack. You do the packing. To help, we
    offer tips on how to pack efficiently, and our agents
    stock a range of packing materials.
Packing Materials

You have a lot of possessions, al with unique shapes and weights. That’s why we have a wide variety of specialty packing materials.

  • Standard Boxes. Available from 1.5 to 6 cubic feet.
  • Wardrobe Boxes. The easiest way to move clothes.
  • Mirror Boxes. Extra protection for mirrors, pictures or glass tabletops.
  • Mattress Boxes. Available in all sizes.
  • Dishpack Barrel. Extra sturdy carriers for your special china and dishware, with dividers for extra protection.
  • Stretch wrap. Protects furniture from snags, tears and dirt.
  • Padding. Al non-packed or crated items will be padded using the highest quality materials available on the market today.
Loading and Unloading

Getting your valuables out of your previous home and into your new one can be tricky. Luckily, were prepared for it.

  • Disassembly/Assembly. From entertainment centers to beds to swing sets, just tell us what needs to be disassembled and moved with you. We’ll even put it back together for you at your destination.
  • Residence Protection Pads. Protect the railings, tight corners and doors.
  • Carpet Covers. Keep high traffic areas clean.
  • Systematic Loading. Boxes are labeled and inventoried based on rooms and your needs upon arrival.
  • Systematic Unloading. We put your belongings in the rooms you want them in. Just point the way.
More Options for Added Convenience
  • Unpacking. Say the word and we’ll take care of it.
  • Debris Removal. Our crew can remove all the empty containers after unpacking.
  • Storage. Can’t move into your home right away? Many northAmerican agent locations offer climate-controlled storage options at a reasonable price. Ask your local northAmerican agent for availability.
  • Third-Party Services. We can arrange for appliances to be connected, a hot tub to be assembled, or additional cleaning services.
  • Crating. Consider custom crating to protect fragile or non-standard sized belongings.
Pricing with No Surprises

We can help take the guesswork out of how much your
move wil cost by providing a written estimate. The estimate
services pertaining ot your move. *Ask your Personal
Relocation Consultant about the best option for you.

  • PriceLock®. Your total charge guaranteed price, based on your estimate.
  • Guaranteed Rate Reduction Pricing. Your cost could come under the estimate, but we will not exceed it.
  • Customized Pricing. A combination of guaranteed and separate service costs is also available.

And for moves anywhere in the United States and Canada, northAmerican accepts most major credit cards. That’s flexibility that allows you to maximize the number of services you need.

Whichever combination of services you choose, when you move with northAmerican, we’ll take every precaution with your belongings and protect them while they’re in our care. Talk to your Personal Relocation Consultant about your special needs. What’s important to you is important to us.